About Us

Davie Digital / Port Displays is the amalgamation of two well-respected companies that have been offering their services to the South Australian public for many years.


Davie Digital has specialised in producing printed and engraved name badges for businesses, schools, churches and other organisations since 1992, along with a range of other printed and engraved products.


Port Displays is one of Adelaide’s oldest signage companies, dating back to the 1950s when it first became known for offering high-quality card-writing services to South Australian retailers. They quickly became recognised for their outstanding skills in both the production and installation of signs and this reputation has grown throughout the years.


Eventually in 2004 the two organisations combined their expertise to create Davie Digital / Port Displays, and under the ownership of the Longmire Family it has grown to become a digitally-focussed business with extensive experience in signage, engraving, digital printing and graphic design based in Port Adelaide.