At Davie Digital we can help you with all of your engraving needs, whether you have a special item which you want to give a personal touch or you are after engraved labels for a circuit board or control panel, we can do it all. We have years of experience and expertise in engraving which combined with our state of the art rotary and laser engraving machinery means we can take on any kind engraving job you might have.


We offer a wide range of engraved plaques to suit a variety of applications from our standard engraving laminate plaques through to etched stainless steel or bronze plaques. On top of this we can provide you with detailed sublimated plaques or awards. We also offer a huge selection of trophies and medals for sporting events or corporate awards. These range from a standard cup and base with an engraved plate to stylish clear crystal/acrylic trophies. We can also produce medals with full colour printed centres. We have ongoing arrangements with a number of organisations to continuously update their perpetual trophies and are happy to set one up for you to make things easy when it comes time to add another plate or name to your trophy.


We also offer a number of practical engraved items for your business or school such as door plaques or desk plaques, consisting of a holder and insert slide for easy changes. Engraved labels for pigeon holes, filing cabinets or letterboxes are other useful options along with engraved symbol signs for toilets or similar applications. We even produce engraved name badges providing identification with a more traditional feel.


If your business needs hardy labels or signs to clearly designate the contents of containers or pipes we can engrave these out of engraving laminate to your custom specifications either in subtle professional shades or bright obvious colours depending on the application. Does your company specialise in circuitry or work with machinery? We can engrave custom labels to fit circuit boards or detailed covers for control panels to give your work a professional finish. Plus, we can engrave directly into the plastic housing of electrical switches. We also offer engraved products that are useful in a range of other industries including plant plaques for nurseries or florists, locker labels for entertainment venues or shopping centres and cutlery and glassware for hotels or restaurants.


Are you after something a bit more specialised? We are also experts at engraving special mementoes and gifts such as jewellery and keyrings through to mugs and torches. We also offer hand engraving for when a particularly delicate touch is needed. We can even engrave directly into the shells of phones, tablets and laptops to give your piece of tech a custom look. After something a little different? We can also laser engrave into wood, leather and other materials and have produced personalised designs on cork placemats, wooden chopping boards and leather tags just to name a few.

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